2016 – How You Can Release & Actualise The Greater You

2016 can be and will be anything and everything, but it will require the core input of one very thing. Your action. Furrii has a key vision and mission to spread happiness and to express life the way it should be. That is through creating and demonstrating a lifestyle of opportunity through visions and dreams, to inspire you to aspire further in your own life.

We want 2016 to be the year which you become the greater you.

To do this, we want to partner with you as an individual. We want to be part of your journey to becoming the best you and to fulfilling your dreams. Even if that means we are to be sitting on the side lines cheering for you. If that’s what it takes to have you be the greater you, then so be it. We will cheer you each day and every day.

So how can you become a greater you? We have identified 3 key points, which we believe will help you achieve the greatest year possible.


2016 as stated before can and will be whatever you make it. But you need to define that something. You need to clearly identify what you will measure as a success this year. What will it require for you to say ‘I have become the greatest me this year’. Will it mean losing weight? Will it require a career change? Will it mean studying smarter and not just harder? Maybe it means, you plan to save up for your first house, or a family vacation. Whether it is one of these, all of these or none of these – whatever your plan, you goal or mission is for 2016. You need to be the one to kick start it and define it.

Own it. Make it yours and make it clear to yourself.


Now that you have identified the something you will be working towards in 2016 it is time to take action. None of this “I’ll start tomorrow business”, but real hardcore rise and grind determination. If you want results this year, you need to be in it for the full year. You need to be be willing to provide the appropriate inputs each day and everyday, regardless if you are failing or succeeding. Action will always speak louder than words.

If you’re struggling to identify how you can take action, follow the below steps:

Grab a pen (I prefer a permanent marker) and some paper and this is what you are going to do.

  1. Identify 5 (or at least 1) Goals, these can be anything.
  2. Take these 5 Goals and take 5 sheets of paper. Write out 1 to 20.
  3. Now for each Goal, write and list out 20 things you must do in order to complete this goal. Force yourself to write it. DO IT!
  4. Once you have done this for the 5 Goals. Identify 5 items you have listed for each goal that you can take action on immediately.
  5. Take these 5 items and act on them now. Literally kick off the motions for these goals. DO IT!

Once you have completed these 5 actions, you work on the next. Prepare yourself, you’re going to be the greatest you in no time!

The key here is to start before you’re even ready to begin. The perfect time will never be ready. It’s when you take action, the magic will happen. So get out there and make it happen.

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” – Elbert Hubbard


As you embark on your journey with your goals, you need to ensure you are checking in with your progress. Either you can set some milestone checkpoints, monthly or quarterly and see how you are progressing to the overall completion of your goals, or you can break your goals into smaller goals across the year, to meet a planned progress in which would enable you to meet your final destination.

Another way is to do a Month by Month review which we recommend, is diving into each month as it is completed and evaluating how you have progressed. To do this you can break each month up into 3 categories. But be sure to block out some time and distraction free time. So grab a pen and some paper and try the below 3 categories:

  • What went well this month?
    • Example: Did you meet your milestones, are you succeeding, are you making progress, what have you achieved?
  • What didn’t go so well this month?
    • Example: What have you struggled with, are you not meeting your milestones, are you lacking motivation?
  • What am I working towards next month?
    • Example: What will you do get back on track, what steps can you take, how can you regain motivation, what are your next milestones?

There you have it.

3 key points and actions you can take to make this year your best year yet. But remember none of this is possible if you do not take action and set out to embark on this journey. We would love to hear your success stories or your goals and visions for the year. If you would like to share, you can drop us a note via Facebook, via Instagram @_furrii_, or even an email (contactfurrii@gmail.com).

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams.” – Jack Johnson

Wishing you all the best for 2016.

Chris Furlong
Owner & Founder


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