Furrii – One Year On

Furrii has just celebrated our official one year anniversary. It has been a journey. It has be a hustle at the least and it continues to prove to be a challenge. But like any good success story, there is a journey.

If you could take a single photograph of your dream life, what would it look like?

Before I tell you what that looks like… when it comes to success there is a journey that goes with it. It is never overnight, but over weeks, months, years and for some it has been decades! However the problem with success is it is never static. When you get to a point in life in which you probably would have thought was success 2 years ago, you are already trying to absorb more, grow further and become a greater you. You cannot put a limit on success. It is limitless, but it can be built upon and that is the important factor to remember. 

Take GoPro for example. With the announcement and release of HERO5, it is their best camera yet and it is what they have dreamed of from the very beginning, but it has taken them 14 years to get here. 

It is a simple fact that hard work takes consistency and like losing weight, you may not see results on day one. Or day one hundred, but the point is you continue to build consistency, you continue to move around your barriers and obstacles, you continue to hustle forward into the unknown fighting for the very thing it is you want to be achieved. 

If Furrii could take a single photograph of our dream, what would it look like?

Furrii envision’s a lifestyle, which in this current understanding is hard to actually imagine, but a lifestyle where people don’t need to think about getting ready for work, that you don’t need to think about travelling to work and they don’t need to worry about how the day will flow. We envision this as a lifestyle of pure open plan. If you have ideas, plans and goals which you want to tap into, that you want to evolve, nurture and grow. We want you to be able to do this free of mind. When you want and however you want to. The best way to picture this idea of living is to place yourself into the below scenario. 

The theory of a successful open plan lifestyle, derived from “Lifestyle Design” suggests one should be earning anywhere between $3,000 to $20,000 a month. If you take a rough cut in between, lets say ~$10,000 per month. Take this and imagine and immerse yourself into a month of open plan living. Regardless of what you do, because you have set up a business which operates purely based on your lifestyle of following your heart, you will earn that $10,000. So what would this look like for you?
If your heart is always with the mountains, the outdoors, the wilderness or simply away from the city. This is your starting point. This is where you should spend your time and make a living around it. When majority are doing the opposite. They are living in a model of doing something their mind is GREAT at, yet they are spending their weekends doing the things they LOVE.
Where as what you should be doing is spending all your time doing the things you LOVE. So why don’t you spend your time focused purely on the things you love and continue to make your living from it. This way, you are literally living and enjoying life, while at the same time making enough cash flow to fund your lifestyle. 


If you’re not thinking it already, your next question is going to be along the lines of… this is great but how can we do this, if we do not already have a successful open plan lifestyle with a business which operates purely based on your lifestyle, earning you $3,000 to $10,000. How can I get there?
The answer of the question can be summarized into 3 Points, which at a later period, will be shared with you in detail (so watch this space):


Before your can even begin transition out of your current lifestyle into the new, you first need to know where you will transition into. This is ultimately your passion. 
Before you make a jump, know what you are in for. Read up on some of the classic stories and the ones who have done this before and are still doing it today. You can start here at our: Further Your Lifestyle – Book List
Now that you know what your passion is, now that you have the context and the excitement to do this, it is time to actually start doing it. But you can do this is small increments. To start now, this means you need to begin planning. Begin designing what the lifestyle you are after will look like? How will you leverage your passionate combinations. What will you actually bring to life. Will it be a blog, a e-product, a podcast, a YouTube page, a community or an actual F2F business. You have so many options, but only you will know the one that fits you. Don’t forget you can try a little of something and adapt along the way.

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