Life. Hustle, Thrive, Dream and Act

There is never a single moment that will define your life. But it is the moments which define your life. The element in which we can dream beyond the boundary of society is locked away, taken from us, stolen from us and forgotten through the daily composition trying to survive or what we call “making a living”. When really if we take a look at the nature that drives our heart and mind, the heart will always have you longing for more, but your brain will settle for the logical. Logically, this makes sense. But is it right? Through ambition, through the hustle and through a consistent pursuit for a something more. We are surrounded by inspiration. Take a step back from the daily routines from the business of the world and you will find inspiration is at the heart of it all. Inspiration isn’t what the brain makes logical, but it is what the heart longs for.

What does your heart long for?

What is your inspiration?

What are you inspiring to do?

No, there is never a single moment which will define your life. But there is a decision that needs to be made. A life changing decision. There will come a moment, whether or not you create it, or it is created for by you, in which life will “click”. It will kick in. It may be unexpected, but it will be this moment in which you will look back and know that the journey to here is what you have been working towards the whole time. Even if you had never dreamed being at the spot in the first place. It will just make sense. This won’t define who you are or what you have done – it will simply be clarity.

My dream, my goal, desire, ambition, and aspiration are to find this moment hopefully sooner than later. The problem with finding this moment is the struggle, the hustle and the in between journey which is required. It will have no bound time, but it will simply be through a lifestyle created. Driven by choice, driven by opportunity. It will depend on risk, it will be swayed by time, but in the end, it will come down to one simple word.


The key is to don’t stop. Keep moving. Keep chasing. Hustle, thrive, dream and act. Take action and never look back. – Chris Furlong

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