Create More – Something You Want To Chase

Create something you want to chase. Don’t just dream it, but make it a reality. Creativity has no bounds, nor limits. The only limitation will be the one you allow to be. Passion, hobby or idea – take whatever it is and CREATE the heck out of it. Let your passion for whatever it may be consumed you to create something driven from pure heart and soul. 

When you’re starting something with limited time, success depends on the focus you give to things that will make your unique idea work. The skills you need to build it should already be in place. The same applies for CREATING. 

Let me put it this way for you, if you’re a developer, you should build something that uses those skills. If you’re not, you should probably pick something else. If you’re a furniture builder, pick a project that’s going to make use of your crafting skills.

When you come to a challenge. Learn to create your way around it. Do not settle. Just pivot. 

With creativity in mind, you should create without compare. Do not go into the world to be the best, but go at your best. When you create, you can not compare as creativity is unique from ones mind. The only compare you have is the voice inside your head. Do not fall victim to society’s unstated expectations. If you don’t create based on your taste, you will never really reveal your best 


Somebody Always Has More

One moment on Facebook and you’ll quickly see that someone has more than you

  • More fans
  • More followers
  • More money
  • More fame

Somebody Always Has Less

By the same token as the above, someone always has less. You can always find somehow who is worse off than you are.

  • Less fans
  • Less followers
  • Less time
  • Less opportunity


Do not go into the world to be the best, but go at your best.

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