Love Yourself

You were never perfect and you were never meant to be. You must find a way to love yourself, which would also include all of the mistakes, regrets, weaknesses, and all that you have struggled with. You are valuable and important, and to be happy you must discover a path that leads you to love yourself.

Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love is dynamic.

We recommend, taking sometime to read: Superpowers Develop As You Love Yourself, which will enable you to see and understand the below:

  1. You accept yourself and you value your existence
  2. With mindfulness, you begin to care about and satisfy your physical, psychological, and spiritual needs.
  3. You develop respect for yourself as a valuable individual within a community. 
  4. These changes push you toward the growth and maturity that are necessary to be a healthy, functioning adult. 
  5. With maturity comes competence, which means that you increase your capacity to accomplish difficult tasks. 
  6. As you prove to yourself that you can act competently in the world, you acquire self-confidence.
  7. Competence and self-confidence make security for you and your loved ones possible
  8. You have moved to an advanced level of human development where you can feel empathy for other human beings in your community and the world. 
  9. When you feel the emotions that others experience, their pain and pleasure, you learn how to love someone else
  10. Loving and serving other people gives you fulfillment and makes happiness possible. 

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