A Balanced Lifestyle

Living A Balanced Lifestyle

Living A Balanced Lifestyle

Regardless of who we are and what we do, we all have an inner ambition. As children we dreamed of being the cliché fireman or police officer. As we grew and matured we then began to chase our skills or identify our strengths at school, university and further leading us in to a chosen career. Well this is how the usual story goes. Even if we haven’t followed this path, naturally we are all drawn towards something more and something we one day wish of achieving.  A Balanced Lifestyle brings this altogether.

In a pursuit to be the best we can, whether it be career focused on a primary set of skills, or simply a side passion. We should never try to focus our attention being successful in one area of our lives. Think about it for a moment… Our lives are curated and built up from core characteristics which ultimately create the balanced lifestyle. These include:

> Physical
> Mental
> Spiritual

Each area of our lives has a strong part to play in creating a balanced lifestyle, however not just one of these should be outweighing another. Our lives and bodies are designed for more than just a single focus or a single success. All areas of our lives have been designed to be successful. Which brings me to the question.

Are you primarily focusing all your attention, motivation and ability to succeed in one area of your life, or are you applying the same across the board?

An even greater reason of why you should be doing this is to ensure that when obstacles do come your way in one area of your life, you are not left hanging on a limb stranded fighting for your survival. Because people put all their effort and life into one area of their lives, when this comes to a halt or a season of struggle… you have nothing to turn to, but only frustration and grief, which further leads to deeper and greater issues.

If you have a STRONG balance across your life, then you can refocus this attention to other areas in your life, with the same motivation and drive and find the success here or there, while the other areas cool off, pass or take longer to develop. This way you will still have a mission and a dream to chase, you will appreciate and find the satisfaction you are looking for and ultimately fulfill that happiness void.

Are you balancing your life? Do you already have a balanced lifestyle? Or are you a one man army focusing all your attention to a single target? You know the saying… it is never smart to keep all your eggs in a single basket.

Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life — learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. — Robert Fulgham

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